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Emergency Roofers BiorminghamLooking for a reliable honest emergency roofer in Croydon and South London area? if so, then you have found the right roofing company,Roofing and Chimney Services was founded over 27 years ago and in 2005 they become a limited company,  one of the leading emergency roofers in South London and Croydon area, call us today for a rapid roofer, speak to our response team about your roof repairs.

When it comes to emergency roofing, we can find and stop the leak fast, we repair chimneys, gutters, flat roofs, tiles and slates. We are the number one choice we don’t just fix roofs and chimneys in Croydon, we also fix storm damage guttering, leaking chimney stacks and flat roof repairs, talk to our skilled emergency roofer today about your roof repairs and chimneys.

Also Covering Croydon and the Sourounding Areas:
Thornton Heath, Upper Norwood, Waddon, Woodside, Ashburton, Broad Green, Coombe, Addington Addiscombe, Coulsdon, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Forestdale, Roofer, Hamsey Green, Shirley, Norwood, New Town, Purley, Emergency, Sanderstead, Selhurst, Selsdon, Kenley, New Addington, Monks Orchard, Norbury, Norwood, New Town, Purley, South Croydon, South Norwood,

Chimney Re-builds and Repairs Croydon
If your chimney has been hit by the recent gales and storms, we can fix it fast, we offer chimney repair service, our emergency roofer in Croydon is fully trained to undertake all types of roof and chimney works including, chimney re-building, rendering, pot replacement, re-pointing and lead work, we can also remove chimneys completely, we dismantle all types of stacks. Call our emergency roofer today for fast reliable chimney repairs in the Croydon area.

Gutters leaking or Broken-up? Need a Croydon Roofer
down-pipes, leaky gutters? We deal with all types of guttering repairs in Croydon, we also deal with fascias and soffits, we also clean and maintain gutter all year around.

Emergency Roofer and Repairs Croydon
if it’s an insurance building claim, we can deal direct with your home insurance subject to terms and conditions, talk to our Croydon roofer about insurance claims today.

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Salina January 3, 2018 at 9:00 am

Urgent roof leaking
Water damage to indoor ceiling and wall at rear.
Please can a visit be arranged urgently?


Jan Taylor May 29, 2018 at 3:42 pm

I own a three storey building at 158 Melfort Road, Thornton Heath CR7 7RP and water is leaking and signs of water are showing in the top flat which is at the back and water is leaking through the light fitting in the back bedroom of the light fitting in the first floor flat. Guttering has been cleared and we think the problem is where the roof slopes on the right of the back of the building. Can someone get there today even if it is to make the area water tight until a repair can be made.


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